Nitrous Oxide

Comfortable Sedation Dentistry In Midlothian VA

Older couple from Richmond experience very few nitrous oxide side effects at their sedation dentistry appointments in Midlothian ,VA.Among the different sedation dentistry options that we offer at J Han Dental Design near Richmond and Bon Air, our most popular remains nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has made it so that many patients who suffer from dental anxiety can get outstanding dental care when they need or desire to have it.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxid–commonly known as laughing gas–is a type of gas that has a relaxing effect on those who inhale it during a dental procedure. If you choose to have laughing gas as your method of sedation dentistry, our team will have you use a special breathing mask that helps administer the laughing gas safely and effectively. In hardly any time at all, you can feel relaxed and comfortable for your dental treatment.

Are there Nitrous Oxide Side Effects?

Many patients ask us about nitrous oxide side effects. Luckily, nitrous oxide side effects are pretty minimal so long as your nitrous oxide is being administered by a dental professional trained in the usage of nitrous oxide. We take pride in keeping up to date on dental technology at our Midlothian, VA office and make it a point to make sure that our team are properly trained in correct usage of nitrous oxide.

Benefits of nitrous oxide/laughing gas?

Sisters love having easy dentistry appoints near Bon Air thanks to laughing gas.

  • Nitrous oxide is a proven sedation dentistry method that can help patients suffering from dental anxiety, nervousness, and even dental phobias during dental visits.
  • Nitrous oxide wears off quickly after administration of the gas has ceased. This means that before and after treatment you should be able to drive without an issue.

Our team is thrilled to be able to offer this excellent sedation method to our patients who need just a little help to feel relaxed during treatment. Have any questions about nitrous oxide? Contact us at J Han Dental Design today if you are in the Richmond area, from Bon Air to Midlothian, VA!

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