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Intravenous Sedation For Dental Fear In Midlothian, VA

IV sedation in Richmond and Bon AirIf you suffer from dental fear and need to have a lengthy or complicated dental procedure completed for the sake of your oral health, then intravenous sedation could be the solution for you. Intravenous sedation–also known as IV sedation–is a particularly useful sedation method for complicated dental procedures because it allows our team to very carefully regulate how your discomfort level is treated.

With IV sedation we can provide outstanding care for those patients suffering from dental fear and anxiety in Midlothian, VA because of the relaxation IV sedation offers.

Intravenous sedation has a wide variety of benefits, including:

intravenous sedation for dental fear in Midlothian VA and Richmond

  • IV sedation is extremely effective, particularly for those who suffer from dental anxiety whether it is very severe dental anxiety or just moderate dental anxiety.
  • Intravenous sedation allows our team to adjust the dosage and sedation level. If for some reason you don’t feel relaxed enough, our team will monitor your sedation level and increase the dosage at your request so that you can get the relaxation you need for overcoming your dental fear.
  • During IV sedation, your gag reflex is diminished, making your visit a calmer and more pleasurable one.
  • Not all sedation methods work for everyone, however, IV sedation usually is more effective for patients who have found other methods of sedation dentistry less effective.
  • Because IV sedation is administered intravenously, it works fast. In most cases it only takes just a few minutes for the relaxing effects of intravenous sedation to kick in.
  • Once our team stops giving you the IV sedation, the effects leave your system quickly. This means that you can resume normal activities quicker than some alternative methods.
  • IV sedation is designed to provide relaxation, but not to make you sleep. This means that you can continue to interact with the dentist during your visit.

IV sedation is safe and proven way to help more anxious patients get dental care when they need it. We are proud to offer this fantastic sedation dentistry option to our more anxious patients overcome dental fear, and we are ready to answer questions about IV sedation that you may have. Have questions for us now? Contact us today at our Midlothian, VA office if you are in the area, from Richmond to Bon Air!

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